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Free Design Thinking Resources from The Familiar

We believe Design Thinking should be at the core of every decision. To help achieve this, The Familiar offers a number of free resources for you to use.

Everything on this page has been designed to help you and your organisation embrace Design Thinking to drive innovation and agility. Feel free to use these resources to turn your meetings, where things go to be discussed, into workshops, where things go to be done. We ask that you do not modify or resell what we provide here for free, but do feel free to share these resources with your friends, family and colleagues.

The 4x2 grid of our Active Eights worksheet is designed for printing on A3 paper
Our Active Eights Worksheet is designed for A3 paper. But we also include options for A4.

Active Eights

Designed for quick idea generation, Active Eights is one of our most popular activities and webinars. In just eight minutes, everyone in your group tries to come up with, sketch and annotate up to eight ideas.

You can read more about running your own Active Eights session on our blog, and you can download free printable worksheets below.

Download and Print Your Own Active Eights Worksheets

Download our Active Eights Worksheets Pack and print them for your own use at home or at work. Contains worksheets designed for printing on A3 and A4 paper, either one-sided, double-sided or on two sheets.

The full selection of idea cards overlaid on each other
Our Idea Cards cover the whole spectrum of Design Thinking

Idea Cards

Our Idea Cards take you through the six steps of the Design Council’s Double Diamond process for coming up with and testing ideas. They’re the perfect accompaniment to any ideation workshop or meeting, where they’ll serve as a reminder for everyone about the process.

Download and Print Your Own Idea Cards

Download our Idea Cards Pack and print them for your own use at home or at work. Designed for printing on A6 paper.

An infographic of the Design Thinking Double Diamond with different stages in the process labelled and colour-coded
The Double Diamond Poster is a great reminder of the Design Thinking process

Double Diamond Poster

Our version of the Double Diamond Poster is the perfect accompaniment to our Idea Cards, with colour and titles used to show the association between the cards and their position within the cycle.

Download the Double Diamond Poster

Download and print your own copy of the Double Diamond Poster, the perfect accompaniment to our Idea Cards and a great reminder of the Design Thinking Process.

Looking for Something More?

As well as the free resources available here, The Familiar also offers a range of premium workshops and eLearning opportunities. You can read more about these on our Workshops page.

Two Week Sprint

Remote Design Sprint

  • Solve business critical challenges and answer vital questions in just two weeks
  • Interrogate and map the current situation within your organisation
  • Identify challenges standing between your organisation and success
  • Come up with creative ideas and solutions to the most important problem(s)
  • Prototype a solution and test it with real customers
  • Learn from user testing what went well, what could be improved, and where to go next
One to Five Day Workshop

Innovation Lab

  • Better understand your customers and their needs
  • Discover breakthrough opportunities and critical challenges
  • Produce actionable steps to make the most of the opportunities facing you
  • Learn repeatable frameworks and tools you can use again and again
90 Minute Workshop

Active Eights

  • Learn a powerful technique to independently generate and record creative ideas and solutions
  • Learn when to use the technique for best results
  • A rapid, repeatable exercise you can use for future problem solving
  • Part of our Design Thinking in Practice series
One to Two Hour Workshop

Lightning Decision Lab

  • Identify and work on a broad topic affecting your organisation
  • Replace endless discussion and meetings with a focussed time-boxed problem solving and decision making workshop
  • Learn a repeatable framework you can use for future meetings or workshops
  • Set the scene for a Remote Design Sprint