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Design Sprints & Workshops

Remote Design Sprint

Solve Business-critical Challenges and Answer Vital Questions in Two Weeks

Whatever challenge your organisation faces, a Remote Design Sprint is a low-cost, low-risk way to identify, understand and work to resolve that problem.

Define your problem, create ideas and test prototypes with our facilitated workshop. Delivered over two to three weeks, Remote Design Sprints are the most intensive workshop we offer, but the results speak for themselves. By the end of the workshop, your team will have all they need to attack your challenge head on.

Our Remote Design Sprints are flexible in their nature. Whilst we traditionally run them over two concurrent weeks, they can be split over more weeks, or can be condensed down to one week.

Interrogate and map the current situation within your organisation

Every Remote Design Sprint starts by discovering, analysing and mapping the current situation within your organisation, so that we and you, understand the status quo.

Identify challenges standing between your organisation and success

We speak with experts within your organisation to understand and identify the challenges facing your organisation.

Come up with creative ideas and solutions to the most important problem(s)

Our team works with yours to translate these challenges into prompts for innovation and opportunity. Based on these, we use creative workshops to come up with ideas and decide on a solution to take forward.

Prototype a solution and test it with real customers

Our team will take all the information we have and create a prototype solution based on your team’s chosen ideas. This will then be tested with five of your real customers, so we can understand what they think.

Learn from user testing what went well, what could be improved, and where to go next

At the end of the Sprint, we’ll hand over all the artefacts that were produced during the workshops. We’ll also provide you with a report on what went well, what could be improved, and actionable steps to take your organisation forward.

Two to Three Weeks
Facilitated Workshop
Team Size:
Five to Eight

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Thank you, it was a great session, … that sparked some new ideas. And that is always awesome!

Ana M., Technical Program Manager, Finance Sector

The Familiar Approach

All our workshops are delivered by two experienced facilitators, essential to maximise value from remote workshops. And, as well as being designed to help you overcome a challenge, our workshops are focussed on maximising learning outcomes for your people. The option for training, coaching and mentorship of future facilitators is built in.

Since 2004, The Familiar have worked with exceptional UK, EU and international clients to solve organisation-critical problems and identify innovation opportunities.

People and organisations who value collaboration and are open to a fresh approach to problem solving see the most impact from working with us.

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De-risk your high-stakes decisions and initiatives

Solve business-critical challenges and answer vital product questions with our facilitated Remote Design Sprint.