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Design Sprints & Workshops

Innovation Lab

Discover Essential Insights About Your Products and Services in One to Five Days

In these uncertain and ever-changing times, innovation is the key to success. Our Innovation Labs typically run for an afternoon to several days, followed by data analysis. They are tailor-made for you and your organisation.

Better understand your customers and their needs

Great innovation needs a customer base to become a business success. Our Innovation Labs can be tailored to understand your customers and what they’re looking for from a new product or service.

Discover breakthrough opportunities and critical challenges

Our team will work with yours to understand the challenges and opportunities facing your organisation, your market, and even the world.

Produce actionable steps to make the most of the opportunities facing you

The outcome of every Innovation Lab is a series of actionable steps your team can take to make the most of the opportunities facing your organisation.

Learn repeatable frameworks and tools you can use again and again

Our Innovation Labs are a great learning opportunity, filled with various activities and workshops that you and your team can take with you to improve future decision making.

Two to Six Days
Facilitated Workshop
Team Size:
Up to 10 people




The Familiar Approach

All our workshops are delivered by two experienced facilitators, essential to maximise value from remote workshops. And, as well as being designed to help you overcome a challenge, our workshops are focussed on maximising learning outcomes for your people. The option for training, coaching and mentorship of future facilitators is built in.

Since 2004, The Familiar have worked with exceptional UK, EU and international clients to solve organisation-critical problems and identify innovation opportunities.

People and organisations who value collaboration and are open to a fresh approach to problem solving see the most impact from working with us.

Powered by Sprinty

The Familiar uses Sprinty Toolkits to provide all our workshop participants with the best toolkits available.

Multiply your innovation outcomes

This workshop follows the proven process for innovating products and services, developped by Conteneo Inc.