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Lightning Decision Lab

Move From Debate to Action in Just Two Hours

Our Lightning Decision Labs replace the messiness of your typical meeting with a structured and time-boxed workshop guaranteed to deliver a decision. It sparks creative solutions and encourages doing over discussing.

This workshop is a great replacement for your typical decision-making meeting and serves as the perfect kick-off for a larger project.

Identify and work on a broad topic affecting your organisation

A Lightning Decision Lab works best when you have a broad topic affecting your organisation. We’ll work with you before the lab to choose a suitable topic.

Replace endless discussion and meetings with a focussed creative problem solving and decision making workshop

There’s a time and place for meetings and discussion, and there’s a time and place for action. This is the latter. The Lightning Decision Lab provides a focussed, time-boxed framework for creative problem solving and decision making.

Learn a repeatable framework you can use for future meetings or workshops

Take everything you learn back with you, giving you and your team powerful new tools you can use everyday.

Set the scene for a Project or Remote Design Sprint

A Lightning Decision Lab is the perfect setup for a larger project or a Remote Design Sprint, covering a lot of the Sprint’s groundwork in a morning or afternoon.

One to Two Hours
Facilitated Workshop
Team Size:
Four to Ten




It was fantastic, many thanks guys!

Ricardo M., Agile Trainer and Consultant, Portugal

The Familiar Approach

All our workshops are delivered by two experienced facilitators, essential to maximise value from remote workshops. And, as well as being designed to help you overcome a challenge, our workshops are focussed on maximising learning outcomes for your people. The option for training, coaching and mentorship of future facilitators is built in.

Since 2004, The Familiar have worked with exceptional UK, EU and international clients to solve organisation-critical problems and identify innovation opportunities.

People and organisations who value collaboration and are open to a fresh approach to problem solving see the most impact from working with us.

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The Familiar uses Sprinty Toolkits to provide all our workshop participants with the best toolkits available.

Get unblocked and and move forward today!

Ideal for leaders, teams and agile coaches to move quickly from debate to “doing”.