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Innovation Fitness Review

How important is your organisation’s ability to innovate, given the economic challenges ahead?

Discover your organisation’s capacity to take products from idea to launch; services from demand to delivery – faster, with less risk. And get ideas for improvement.

Identify and prioritise your most important challenges while getting a feel for working with us.




45 minutes


One-to-one live virtual discovery session (speak to us if you prefer an in-person session, we have some availability.)

Ideal Audience:

Organisation leaders, innovation leaders, product and service owners/managers who need to deliver innovative customer-centred products and services.


One of our Human-Centred Design consultants.

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An Innovation Fitness Review will give you a taste of the exercises we use to measure the current state of an organisation, and to uncover new opportunities for innovation. During the discovery session, with help from one of our Human-Centred Design consultants, you will:

  • Visualise the strengths, challenges, and blockers that your organisation currently faces.
  • Review your organisation’s current capabilities for creating innovative products, services, and solutions to critical challenges.
  • See how your organisation can better use customer insights to shape your products and services.
  • Learn how you and your people can evolve processes and culture to accelerate product and service innovation, its effectiveness, and reduce risk.