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Post-Conference Thoughts Lean Agile Global 2021

| Martin Jewiss

Sixty Second Summary

Wow! What a great conference 2 packed days of learning and networking, The team at The Familiar are still buzzing from the LAG21 experience. We were involved as sponsors, participants and producers and enjoyed the experience immensely.

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Our Favourite Talk

We really enjoyed Luke Hohman’s Keynote, his energy and passion in helping future generations learn about democracy through social enterprise and how Design Thinking played an important role in the creation of his app.

Our Favourite Moment

Presentation Karaoke – For the day 1 evening event, the Agile20 Reflect and the Access Agile crew collaborated in putting together a fun & welcoming series of activities. Facilitated by Scott Seivwright, the Presentation Karaoke was hilarious.

We hope the delegates enjoyed our virtual backgrounds for remote events, (we were thrilled by the positive feedback) and downloaded a copy of the special offers for our products & services:

  • Discovery and Innovation Workshops
  • Website and Application Design
  • Product and Service Innovation
  • Live Virtual Training

Lightning Decision Lab Live Virtual Training

If you are interested in learning about Design Thinking, we are delivering Lightning Decision Lab training on Fri 17th Sept 1-5pm UK Time.

A Lightning Decision Lab is a time-boxed framework for creative problem solving and objective decision making. Key learning outcomes:

  • Replace open-ended debates and meetings with a time-boxed method, proven to generate effective decisions.
  • Quickly identify and prioritise challenges affecting your team or product.
  • Spark and prioritise creative solutions.
  • Answer important questions before committing to a larger initiative.
  • Unstick team bottlenecks, moving from discussion to action.
  • Alternative techniques and when a change from the standard process might be useful.
Lightning Decsion Lab Training
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